April 12, 2021

Millennial Dads Look to the Web for Parenting Help

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Today, millennial dads are more involved in their children’s daily lives than ever before and they are looking to the Web for instant answers to their parenting questions. Fathers are using their smartphones for information when it comes to I-want-to-know, I-want-to-go, I-want-to-do and I-want-to-buy-moments.

Striving to be the “Perfect Dad”

Parenthood comes with endless questions for raising kids. From food, sleep, bathing and everything in between, new parents are responsible for their baby’s first years. Some things are not so simple, especially for young dads. Anytime an issue arises with their newborn, even in the middle of the night, dads are searching for the best answers.
According to research from BabyCenter.com, “being the ‘perfect dad’ is at least somewhat important to 88% of millennial dads.” Striving to reach that ‘perfect dad’ title can pressure fathers into needing to know more and more things to make their baby happy.

Mobile Convenience

Using smartphones and searching the Web for all kinds of information is second-nature to millennials. Millennial dads are sticking to what they know, but their searches are now related to strollers, babyproofing and baby-care accessories. Research also shows that, “59% of millennial dads looking for parenting information online use their smartphones the most.”
Even with an upset baby that won’t fall asleep, smartphones offer convenience to new dads with pages of information and answers to any parenting question. “Google data shows that searches for baby-related terms on mobile have grown 52% year over year.”

I-Want-to-Know, Go, Do and Buy Moments

Any second of the day can present questions or a situation that needs answers. Anything like ‘how to’ or ‘near me’ searches can all be done through smartphones. A date with the wife, preparing for the baby and activities with the kids are just a few opportunities for millennial dads to find new information online.
Wanting-to-know, go, do and buy moments occur every day in the life of a new dad. Searches for baby-related content are growing online, but dads are wanting more information and more ‘dad-focused’ content as well.

Appealing to Dads

Moms and dads are now both involved with childcare and purchases important to the family. With new dads saying there isn’t enough content focusing on dad-related topics, marketers can take things that used to be targeted toward moms and target fathers too. Millennial dads are an audience that is growing and brands can make an effort to appeal to them.
Starting a family is full of questions and smartphones are keeping new dads informed on everything they need to know for being a parent. As millennial dads strive to be the ‘perfect dad,’ their mobile device will continue to be there to find necessary information at any time.

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