Digital Marketing & Digital Transformation – Are you Keeping Up?

Digital Marketing

Google Partners – Lead Clickz, The Digital Marketing Agency

Emerging technology, AI, and Digital Transformation and Marketing dominates every aspect of a consumer’s life, including what services and products they are influenced to buy. The marketplace, landscape, and buyer behavior has undergone a drastic change and will continue
to evolve. Gone are the days of print media and other forms of traditional advertising. Businesses must adapt to the evolution of digital marketing or risk becoming stagnant and irrelevant. Lead Clickz, one of several Google Partners, is a full-service Digital Marketing Agency.
We are continually learning and adapting to changes within Digital Transformation and Digital Marketing. We apply this knowledge and implement it for our clients through our innovative design and development work product, marketing platforms.

Change is a Good but Disruptive!

Some businesses feel there are no compelling reasons to invest in digital advertising, engaging with their target audience digitally, or customization of their websites. Really? That is illogical, with over 290 million active internet users in the USA, alone. (1) Change is disruptive but good! Utilizing the newest methods of SEO, social media, digital marketing, and the new rules of engagement prevents your brand from disappearing. Employing a Digital Marketing Agency to implement these strategies and continues to shift when new technology & ad formats emerge, especially when audience behavior changes, will keep your business relevant. Frankly, it will keep you in growth mode versus losing revenue or even closing your doors.

Who Couldn’t Keep Up?

Unlike Walmart and Home Depot, Sears, J.C. Penny, and Payless Shoes did not adopt these permanent and ongoing digital changes. These changes are not a trend. This is the way people, consumers, and the world is changing, and it is occurring at a faster pace than a non-industry person may realize. These companies, along with 40 other top brands you knew well when growing up, are now closing stores across the nation. Businesses need a clear plan to transition from traditional marketing to everything digital. There are almost 192 million digital buyers in the USA, and growing. (2) How could they stay in business, without Digital Transformation and implementing a stellar e-commerce website, when dominates almost 50% of online sales? They sell everything they did and more, with a simple touch of a button. They failed to keep up and got left behind. This is where a full-service Digital Marketing Agency comes into play. Several of the most profitable industries employ 1 to 3 agencies, ensuring their businesses thrive in this technology-driven world.

Keeping your business relevant without a strong internet presence is simply impossible. Adapting to change does not mean the end goal is different. Lead Clickz can lead your business there and will continue to evolve your SMB or Large Enterprise, reaching your brand and sales
goals. Call us at (281) 869-7004 or visit us at