PPC (Pay Per Click)

Stay at the Forefront of Search with Pay Per Click Advertising

Lead Clickz, located in Houston, TX, knows exactly how important Pay Per Click advertising is to your business. No matter how much experience you have managing your online business, the chances are good that you’ve read or heard about Pay Per Click advertising. When hundreds or even thousands of businesses are competing for the most coveted top spots on search engine results lists, it can be very difficult to get your ads noticed by the right customers. With pay-per-click advertising, or PPC for short, you can place ads for your products or services at the top of search engine result lists fast. The model is simple: you’re only required to pay ‘per click’ fees for your ads when customers click on them. For nearly two decades, we have been assisting our clients with PPC campaigns, helping them navigate the fine details of this powerful advertising mode and reap the maximum possible return on investment.

Helping You Balance Your Budget and Your Goals

Paid search tools such as PPC advertising are widely considered to be the most powerful advertising tools in the history of the internet. With this in mind, it is relatively easy to understand why this is also a hyper-competitive, mature marketplace. Given the interest in PPC, it should come as no surprise that this particular form of advertising can become a significant financial investment. Because of this, we help our clients reduce their direct advertising budgets and increase their overall ROI. That is our responsibility as a partner of Google. All Partner focus is to reduce costs, increase clicks, and increase your customer base.
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Bridging the Gap Between Local Advertising and PPC

Our hyper-targeted search advertising keyword management is making waves in the search engine marketing industry due to its effective and efficient performance. Our team of experts have developed strategies for companies big and small which are guaranteed to improve customer acquisition without putting excessive strain on budgets. We strongly believe that PPC represents the core foundation of a successful digital marketing campaign. Therefore, we provide our customers with the most effective and strategically designed PPC campaigns in conjunction with broader social media and SEO services.
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Building Bridges Beyond PPC

The key measure of success in a PPC campaign comes in the form of customer acquisition, customer conversion and customer retention. We do not consider a PPC campaign to be the end of a marketing strategy, but rather the first step on the path towards a healthy, dynamic customer funnel.

Our PPC campaigns have proven themselves to be immensely effective. Many of our clients experience conversion rates well above industry averages. Let us show you just how beneficial a newly designed PPC campaign can be for your marketing goals. Contact us today to learn more about this essential marketing tool and how PPC can help your business.
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