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Develop a Strong Foundation with Business Listing Management

Founded in Houston, TX, Lead Clickz has been helping companies just like yours manage their business listings online. In the rush to develop powerful search engine marketing strategies or digital advertising campaigns, it is easy to forget one of the most fundamental and yet crucial elements of online lead generation – managing your business listings. Business listings have become a significant influence in search engine rankings and can make the difference between staying hidden or being found by customers. Our team of digital marketers will ensure that this critical item on your marketing to-do list is taken care of and done correctly. Without a properly implemented business listing, you may be creating stumbling blocks on the path towards reaching your goals.

Staying Top of Mind, All the Time

No matter where your business may be listed currently, we will ensure that the relevant details of your enterprise find their way into the most important listing services online today. We currently oversee listings on 140+ services. Lead Clickz understands managing this many business listings can be cumbersome. Instead of passing this time-intensive task on to our clients, we take care of the busy work for them. We’ll help you find time for what matters most – running your business. We will help you achieve your goals and objectives so you can plan for long-term success.
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Achieving Synergy Where It Matters Most

Business listings, like Google Business, Yelp, Foursquare, Yahoo Yellow Pages and other platforms, play a formative role in determining your page rankings on search engines such as Google and Bing. The larger the presence you can establish on the internet’s leading business listing services, the better chance you have of moving up the ranks in search engine results pages. Lead Clickz can help you plan and execute effective strategies for expanding your presence on major business listing services in no time saving you a lot of man hours, which results in less money spent.
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Keeping the Details Consistent

Your business’s NAP – name, address, and phone number – are fundamental yet commonly overlooked elements of your online identity. As part of our listing management services, we work diligently to ensure that the NAP for each of our clients is perfectly consistent across all major channels. Not only will this act as a positive support for your search engine optimization, but it will also clear up any confusion that audiences may be having when looking to give your business a call or locate your business via directions.
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Helping You Stay Current

If you change your phone number, shop locations, service/product details or just want to run a special, we will help make sure that your online audiences stay up to date. Our team of business listing managers will quickly edit and revise all details on each of the business listing services where you are located in order to ensure that your digital profile is as current as your own daily to-do lists.
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