April 12, 2021

Why you want a Multi-screen website.

Why you want a multi-screen website!

Importance of Having a Multi-Screen Website written by: Thomas Lopez

In the world of online marketing, adapting to the needs of the consumer at every stage of the buying cycle can mean the difference between conversions and failure. In the world of multiple devices, a customer will rarely complete a purchase from initial research to the final checkout on a single machine. You may find a consumer researching for a product on one device such as a laptop or tablet and completing the transaction much later on a different device such as their smartphone.

A website, that is able to take all these factors into consideration, can mean a lot for businesses. This is because the customer can be reached with a Multi-Screen website through each stage of the buying cycle. Engaging with the client on more than a single device also means a lot more time spent looking at your site which can significantly increase conversion rates. A Multi-Screen web design has a lot to offer businesses that target customers across multiple platforms and marketing channels.

All business should utilize a Multi-Screen website because consumers today are constantly connected and moving between devices. In order to maximize retention at all stages of the buying cycle, it is important to have a website that can be where your consumers are and that can be from tablet to desktop to smartphone. Having the right website can increase the number of purchases made on different devices and it will show the right type of call to action when the time comes for the consumer to make a purchase. For instance, to a customer who is in the checkout process, it is very counterproductive to show a branding ad, have the user click on the ad, and take them to a non-mobile website. Understanding what the user is doing on a website is paramount as it enables a business to adapt their marketing approach in order to better engage the customer.

Websites that are built for a Multi-Screen world will allow the user to access the businesses products or services across different platforms and devices, while still providing a consistent and uniform user experience. Consistency is what reflects a brand, enabling the customer to better relate to the company. There is a lot that a business stands to gain with a Multi-Screen website that takes the digital buying cycle into consideration. For one, the company will be able to maintain a steady and long term relationship with their customer if the website has the pages that are not only relevant to the device, but also relevant to what the user went there for in the first place. Additionally, a company can also adapt their marketing strategy to customize the consumer touch points based on where they are at in the digital buying cycle. For instance, the advertisements that are shown to a user when researching are different from the ones shown when the user is making a purchase. This is because research is all about search for information to consume. When a user is able to see a brand at the beginning of the buying cycle, when the user is consuming information, they will associate better with the brand and grow in trust with that brand. When the consumer/user is ready to make a purchase and knows what product or service they need, they will remember the brand from their research and continue to search for that company. This results will increased long term revenue as the user has had more touch points throughout, since the strategy has already been put into place with the multi-screen website design and development for users across platforms.

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