April 12, 2021

Think with Google: Influences from Online Video

Audiences are spending and being influenced through online video. Marketers who utilize online video are seeing an increase in favorability and consideration when it comes to their products or services that are being displayed with online video. Advertising focus is moving to online video and the different ways to influence consumers.

Not only are consumers looking to online video for spending and influences, but they are looking to online video with their smartphones. People can bring their smartphones with them almost anywhere. This means that smartphone carriers are able to view online video wherever they go.

Marketers who choose to advertise through a mobile video platform are experiencing more growth and revenue. Audiences are seeing these advertisements and from that 40 percent of people visited the store or brand website[1] after watching a branded video on their smartphones from that same store. There was also 28 percent from that same group who went on to make a purchase online or in-store1.

YouTube is pulling more people into watching mobile videos. YouTubers are seen as a trusted source for information. These videos and YouTube personalities are influencing the spending habits of their audiences. Among YouTube subscribers, 6 out of 10 people would follow advice from their favorite YouTube personality over a favorite celebrity on what to buy[2].

YouTube personalities possess power when it comes to influencing their viewers. Their channels, likes and subscribers are all continuing to grow. Some marketers are now using methods to advertise with the top YouTube creators to bring more attention to their brand.

Consumers are so loyal to online video and their favorite YouTube creators that 6 out of 10 millennial YouTube subscribers will watch new videos uploaded by their favorite creators within 24 hours2 of it being posted online. Consumers show loyalty and online videos that are accessible through smartphones make it easier for audiences to watch their favorite content.

Audiences are using mobile video on YouTube as a form of entertainment, but besides being entertained they are being influenced by the creators and advertisers who make themselves more easily accessible.




[1] Google-commissioned iposos, Brand Building on Mobile Survey, U.S., December 2015, (Smartphone video viewers aged 18-54, n=957).

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